Mr Nice Removals is a professional removals service, which is fully insured. We will provide you with a minimum of two removal specialist.

Our specialist equipment will be used as standard to protect your goods, for example; sofa covers, mattress covers, floor protection, television covers, and door covers etc. This will be at no extra cost to you.

Packing service available on request, please send your enquiries via email to [email protected] or call us on Tel: 0800 228 9786 for a no obligation quote.

We can also offer you our Aftercare Service, which can help you to settle in nicely by the installation and maintenance of some of your white goods.

Collection of removal boxes on request, contact us on Tel: 0800 228 9786.

Mr Nice Removals prides its company, on excellent customer service and aiming to leave you with a smooth sailing removal experience!

A man standing in the back of a moving truck.
Two men standing in front of a door.
A man standing in the back of a truck with wood.